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Welcome to Rainbow Art, studio that promotes individuality. We focus on a teaching method that allows children to have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves. Students are guided to have their own interpretation and imagination for each project.


“We wanted to find an art studio that does not draw copy art. Luckily, we found Miss Julia who lets our daughter be creative and draw what she wanted to draw. I’m very impressed with Shina’s imagination! It really opened up my eyes on what ideas she can come up with. Thank you Miss Julie for your inspiration. “
Sunny Chi

Miss Julie

Julie has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s degree in teaching. She believes every child is unique and can be creative. Students do not need to have adult liked perfect artwork in her class. They are guided to have their own storyline and understanding of the topic for each class. We hope students can come up with their own ideas and gain confidence through our projects.

Art director

Julie has worked with children for 10+ years. Students find her classes fun, interesting, and enjoyable.

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